The D-RTNM is a universal single color LED matrix board. It is usable as timing display, message board or for advertisement purposes. The display can show online preloaded or internally saved messages. Even small animated films can be displayed. The lighweight rugged aluminum case allows easy transport of the board.
With 100 possible brightness levels, the best visibility performance can be reached at any light condition.
Driving is non-multiplexed for longer lasting and brighter glowing than standard multiplexed displays. Furthermore, this function is important for preventing the scoreboard from flickering on the TV screen during broadcasts.
Different models are available with one, three or four LEDs per pixel, for indoor and outdoor use, with different pixel heights and lengths.

The D-RTNM are produced to order and have a delivery time of approximately 6 – 8 week. We will gladly inform you about the current delivery period.

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