About Us

Adventures (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Is a company having a diverse group of businesses specializing in the distribution of niche and revolutionary technologies to the Indian Subcontinent.

Our brand offers highly evolved equipment for extraordinary requirements in partnership with over 25 sophisticated European industry leaders. For over three decades, we have worked to indigenize the most exclusive machinery, specializing in Snow Sport and Adventure Gear, Mountain Rescue, Medical Equipment, Snow and Vegetation Management, Ropeways, and Urban Transport. Adventures India offers benefits and efficiencies of global innovation to the aid of athletes, tourism, the paramilitary forces, frontline workers, state, and transport amongst many others. All businesses are independent, committed to service, sustainability, and excellence.

Our Mission

Aimed at the deliverance of excellence in manner of technological brilliance as well as commendable service. We believe in quality, innovation, and sustainability, following suit in all our partnerships and projects. It is our mission to meet all requirements with optimal customer satisfaction and to conduct the business of supplying meaningful engineering with integrity and intelligence.

Our Vision

To continually support human achievement through providing products and services of the latest technological innovation and increase stakeholder’s wealth who share in our sustainable business model.