If you are looking for a safe activity to enjoy the joy of being outside in winter, we have series of skis arranged for you.

Nordic Classic skis utilize an intelligent design and plenty of technical features to create stable, easy skiing for beginners.

Developed in close collaboration with World Cup athletes, our OEM has completely re-launched its Race Performance line for this season. New materials, new constructions, and new shapes provide even more performance in the skating and classic area.

The construction, material, and shape have been completely revised to increase the performance level significantly. Skating in a whole new dimension!

Ultralight HM full carbon profile: More power, maximum power transmission, and more efficiency
Skating Profile Tip: Extremely thin cascade construction for even more lightness, reduced swing weight, and an optimized skating movement
Skating Profile Tail: Profiled ABS ski tail for weight shift to the center and energy savings
Total Edge Technology: ABS sidewalls along the full length of the camber for maximum rebound and optimal power transmission

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